Honda crosstour
elegant website with a powerful animation engine inside
advertising website for
3 stories about 3 ways to get new impressions with HONDA
The goal: to create a beautiful website with parallax effect, require a minimum effort from users' perspective.
All the fun happens when you scroll.
Honda Crosstour
6 weeks
Working scope
- Web design,
- HTML+animation,
- Testing
3 long pages
1. Long way trip
Honda Crosstour is a reliable friend when traveling for sports adventures. It will help you to take all the necessary stuff, no matter how long your trip and how bulky your baggage is. The rear seats of the car fold in order to increase space. You can find additional free room under the lid of the trunk.
2. Day in the city
Every city resident lives 24/7, that is why time management is crucial. Honda Crosstour will take you on time, wherever you go.
In conclusion
Although the website was created in 2013, advanced technologies for the parallax scrolling is used that is why it became one of the best websites in Russia.
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